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1. A snapshot of accessibility

Chong Chan Yau. The Young Reporter (2011, April), 43(06), pp. 20.

BY CHONG CHAN YAU In January, there was a press conference held to report o...

2. Do our future journalists have the right news judgement?

Mak Yin Ting. The Young Reporter (2011, January), 43(04), pp. 20.

BY MAK YIN TING Is there any difference in the way journalism students and ...

3. I buy organic for karma How eating becomes an act of love

Simon Chau. The Young Reporter (2010, December), 43(03), pp. 20.

BY SIMON CHAU Why are you buying organic? Askany shopper in local health sh...

4. Magic of workcamp

Bird Tang. The Young Reporter (2010, November), 43(02), pp. 20.

BY BIRD TANG I was standing on the grassland of Mongolia. It’s my first int...

5. Tales of Tsoi Yuen Village

Roy Kwong. The Young Reporter (2010, October), 43(01), pp. 20.

BY ROY KWONG Once upon a time, there was a village. The elderly lived there...

6. HKBU teaching was a baptism in a changing China

Gregg Fields. The Young Reporter (2010, May), 42(08), pp. 18.

Some years of our lives blend into others, growing less distinctive and memorabl...

7. Letters to the Editor To be or not to be a young model

Maple Tran. The Young Reporter (2010, May), 42(08), pp. 18.

Latterly, the phenomenon of being young models is prevalent in Hong Kong. They e...

8. What journalists live for

Michael Chugani. The Young Reporter (2010, April), 42(07), pp. 20.

So many experiences helped cut my teeth as a journalist that it’s hard tosingle ...

9. Letters to the Editor The way out of temptation

Chiu Wing-sum Christy. The Young Reporter (2010, April), 42(07), pp. 20.

When we come to the world, there are myriads of temptations challenging us. A st...

10. Are you already getting outmoded?

Francis Moriarty. The Young Reporter (2010, March), 42(06), pp. 20.

Take a look around at your laptop, desktop, I-pod, Blackberry, Kindle, fax (if y...

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