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1. [ART & CULTURE] Bamboo Baskets - A Culture Carrier The irreplaceable art form is catching up with our fast-paced society

Celia Lai. The Young Reporter (2017, January), 49(04), pp. 8, 9, 10.

Every morning at three, lights and noises leak out from the rusty shutter of an ...

2. THE FORGOTTEN NAMES OF HONG KONG What are the original names of the places we lived in?

Emily Xu. The Young Reporter (2016, December), 49(03), pp. 8, 9, 10, 11.

Many distinctive and meaningful district names in Hong Kong have been replaced a...

3. [SOCIETY] School sites forgotten While cross-border pupils scramble for school places in the north, some classrooms there have been empty for decades

Fred Lai. The Young Reporter (2016, January), 48(04), pp. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Every day before 6 am, more than 25,000 primary school kids start their day by m...

4. [POLITICS] "Bless Hong Kong" is not a blessing A campaign to promote cohesiveness is a PR show, not a solution to social conflicts, government critics say

Kary Hsu. The Young Reporter (2016, January), 48(04), pp. 10, 11.

Last year a local church leader, Law Pei-kun, took dozens of elderly people and ...

5. [BUSINESS] Going Organic Locally grown organic vegetables for health-conscious city shoppers

Janet Sun. The Young Reporter (2016, January), 48(04), pp. 12, 13.

Organic fruit and vegetables are supposed to be pesticide free and have higher n...

6. [SOCIETY] No Standard Working Hours for Maids Limiting the working hours of domestic helpers has its pros and cons, say employers and a live-in maid

Jonathan Chan. The Young Reporter (2016, January), 48(04), pp. 14, 15.

At the crack of dawn, domestic helper Jennifer Hinalan gets up to vacuum the hou...

7. [PEOPLE] Spreading Love with Free Tutorial Classes Believing that everyone should have equal opportunities to education, Mr Leung offers free tuition services to underprivileged children

Jonathan Chan. The Young Reporter (2016, January), 48(04), pp. 16, 17.

“Knowledge is the key for underprivileged children to break the cycle of generat...

8. [HEALTH & BEAUTY] Keep an eye on the risks of lash extensions

Charlotte Yeung. The Young Reporter (2016, January), 48(04), pp. 20, 21.

The latest beauty trend may do more harm than good The consumer watchdog is...

9. [ART & CULTURE] Community art revitalises connectedness

Terrance Zheng. The Young Reporter (2016, January), 48(04), pp. 22, 23.

Hong Kong needs an overall plan for community art On the night of November ...

10. [INTERNATIONAL] Food that makes you high

Lindsy Long. The Young Reporter (2016, January), 48(04), pp. 24, 25.

Walking down the streets of Amsterdam, you may often run into coffee shops, some...

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