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The Young Reporter [7]

1977 [4]
1978 [3]

English [7]

Fong Ling-ching [7]

1. School social work under scrutiny

The Young Reporter (1978, April), 10(11), pp. 2.

VIEWS ARE mixed over the Government's proposal to train redundant teachers from ...

2. Help still distant for local alcoholics

The Young Reporter (1978, April), 10(10), pp. 2.

A CHINESE businessman once walked into a classroom, ready to confess to those in...

3. Prevention: only cure for deafness

The Young Reporter (1978, March), 10(09), pp. 2.

TOO MANY people are being made deaf by noisy conditions at work. Dr Thomas ...

4. Green Paper proposal should be revised

The Young Reporter (1977, December), 10(05), pp. 2.

THE GREEN Paper on senior secondary and tertiary education has erred grossly on ...

5. Prisons to cater to modern needs

The Young Reporter (1977, December), 10(04), pp. 2.

COMMISSIONER of Prisons Tom Garner said during the opening ceremony of the Laich...

6. Community setups to be reviewed

The Young Reporter (1977, November), 10(03), pp. 2.

THE SETTING up of Mutual Aid Committees started out as an original idea to battl...

7. Closer look at industrial diseases

The Young Reporter (1977, October), 10(02), pp. 2.

IT IS welcome news that more industrial diseases will soon be incorporated into ...

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