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The Young Reporter [10]

1973 [8]
1972 [2]

English [10]

Editorial [9]

Johnny Ming [1]

Johnny Ming [10]

1. Bar criticism not justified

The Young Reporter (1973, June), 05(14), pp. 2.

The criticisms from the Hongkong Bar Assn, on the new bills which have been prop...

2. Life is sacred, regardless

Johnny Ming. The Young Reporter (1973, May), 05(13), pp. 2.

To hang or not to hang Tsoi Kwok-cheong and other convicted murderers is the que...

3. Cooperation is key to success

The Young Reporter (1973, May), 05(12), pp. 2.

Numerous anticrime moves had been attempted before with unsatisfactory results. ...

4. Pollution potential must be minimised

The Young Reporter (1973, April), 05(10), pp. 2.

Much has been said about the land and water pollutions which contaminate our env...

5. Better budget than expected

The Young Reporter (1973, March), 05(09), pp. 2.

The 1973-74 budget estimates, as announced by Financial Secretary C. Philip Hadd...

6. Govt should define complaint channels

The Young Reporter (1973, March), 05(08), pp. 2.

Much has been said about the need to narrow the communication gap between the pe...

7. Gambling controls needed

The Young Reporter (1973, January), 05(07), pp. 2.

The often debated issue concerning the legalisation of off-course betting and ot...

8. Curriculum group plans more courses

The Young Reporter (1973, January), 05(06), pp. 2.

In response to the criticism that the present secondary school curriculum is lop...

9. Anticrime bill adds needed muscle

The Young Reporter (1972, December), 05(05), pp. 2.

The Government has finally taken stringent measures to combat the substantial gr...

10. Medical approach to abortion lauded

The Young Reporter (1972, December), 05(04), pp. 2.

Attorney General Denys T. E. Roberts has announced that the proposed Offences Ag...

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