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EPHM 1112 - MSc Dissertation

Department:    Biology Instructor:   --
EPHM 1011.003 Coral bleaching in the South China Sea with emphasis in eastern coast of west Malaysia
See, Edwin

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EPHM 1011.004 The abuse of antibiotics in China and the public health implications of resistance
Kwan, Hoi Ting

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EPHM 1011.005 Chemically assisted phytoextraction of lead-contaminated soils
Hui, Kwan Yui

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EPHM 1011.006 Population structure and seasonal dynamics of the polychaete Laonome albicingillum in Maipo
Lai, Ho Yi

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EPHM 1112.002 Is biofuel a viable energy alternative in China
Chen, Qihang

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EPHM 1112.003 Economical and Environmental costs of factory farming
Chen, Yuqing

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