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Course Code Course Name  Course Instructor     Dept Code     Entries  
RELI 2015 Approaches to the Study of Religion Kwok, Wai Luen REL 3
SOCI 4037 / SOC 3640 Cultural Sociology Sun, Chih-Yan SOC 2
CECE 7305 Early Intervention for Children with Diverse Needs Yuan, Anthony SCE 5
EDUC 7280 Education (Social) Foundations Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 54
EDUD 7110 Education System and Policy: A Comparative Perspective Poon, Anita Y K EDUC 1
LSE 7060 Globalization: Cultural and Ethical Issues Chan, Seguire S H REL 7
GCVM 1035 Green Living and Spirituality Chan, Keith REL 8
SLM 7080 Health Promotion Wu, Kendra M PE 3
SLM 004 Health Promotion Cheung, Siu Yin PE 3
RELI 4898 Honours Project Chan, Seguire S H REL 55
SLM 003 Human Resource Management Cheung, Siu Yin PE 3
HRMN 2005 Human Resources Management Ng, Catherine MGNT 2
EDUC 3007/ EDUC 7270 / EDUM 7400 Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs / Professional Teacher Development II / Managing Learning Diversity in Inclusive Education Settings Cheung, Wai Chun; Lui, Ming EDUC 39
InfoLit for U InfoLit for U LIB 1
ORGC 2025 Interpersonal Communication 28194 COMS 1
BIOL 1005 (1) Introduction to Biology Qiu, Jianwen BIOL 4
CHEM 1005 Introduction to Chemistry Li, Hung Wing CHEM 5
EDUC 1026 Introduction to English Language Teaching (ELT) Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 19
COMM 1015 Introduction to Media and Communication Oh, Hyun Jee COMS 1
EDUC 1016 Introduction to Sociology of Education Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 41
SOC 1110 Invitation to Sociology Chan, Kwok Shing SOC 1
SOCI 1005 Invitation to Sociology Lau, Hoi Leung SOC 5
CECE 3104 Issues in Early Childhood Education III Wong, Shuk Yee SCE 3
EDUD 7090 Language Policy in the Global Age Poon, Anita Y K EDUC 1
Library Demo Course Library Demo Course LIB 1
LANG 7670 Linguistic Analysis of Children's Literature LC 1
MKTG 2005 Marketing Management Ho, Candy K Y MKT 3
MKTG 3005 Marketing Research Methods Zhang, Junfeng MKT 1
CHIL 2037 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Visual Arts Ge, Liang CHI 10
LANG 3007 Modern and Contemporary Theatre: Appreciation and Playwriting Law, Ching LC 17
BIOL 3017 / BIOL 7110 Molecular Biology Zhao, Zhongying BIOL 3
GCVM 1046 Moral Challenges in Chinese Popular Culture Kwok, Wai Luen REL 3
PERM 3037 Motor Learning and Development Cheung, Siu Yin PE 11
EPHM 1112 MSc Dissertation BIOL 6
EPHM 7312 MSc Dissertation BIOL 26
GDCV 1095 Object and Heritage Ng, Sarah S W AVA 6
CHEM 2008 / CHEM 2009 / CHEM 1111 / CHEM 1112 Organic Chemistry I & II 20068 CHEM 12
RELI 4005 Philosophy of Religion Loke, Andrew REL 3
PE 7010 / SLM 7140 Programme and Event Planning and Management LEUNG, Mee Lee PE 3
PERM 3035 Public and Community Recreation Lau, Patrick W C PE 1
EPHM 7070 Research and Environmental Monitoring Methodology Chung, Shan Shan BIOL 1
GDSC 1017 Science and Technology behind the Movies Cheung, Kwok Wai COMP 11
HIST 4126 Selected Themes in the History of Chinese Women Ho, Clara Wing-chung HIST 18
SLM 7070 Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Sport and Leisure Cheung, Siu Yin PE 1
SMCL 0001 Shek Mun Campus Library SHEK, MUN CAMPUS LIBRARY CIE 9
EDUC 7040 (FT/ 2+3) Social Foundations of Education Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 53
PSYC 2016 Social Psychology Ho, Sai Kin EDUC 2
PERM 1007 Sport and Exercise Psychology Cheung, Siu Yin PE 5
SLM 005 Sport Marketing Cheung, Siu Yin PE 5
EDUC 7391 Subject Teaching I Lai, Kwok Hung; Poon, Anita Y K EDUC 87
EDUC 2025 Teaching of Listening and Speaking Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 20
CECE 3106 The Whole Person Wong, Shuk Yee SCE 4
FILM 3087 Understanding Animation Robinson, Michael AF 1
GRMG 1603 Understanding Environmental Issues in HK Woo, Karen L Y CIE 1
MUSI 1007 Western Music History I Yang, Helan H L MUS 1
GCVM 1076 Whose Justice? And for Whom? Lee, Siu Fan REL 7
EDUC 7690 Written and Spoken Discourse Choi, Tat Heung EDUC 14
CECE 3103 幼兒教育研究法 Wong, Shuk Yee SCE 3