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EDUC - Department of Education Studies

Course Code Course Name  Course Instructor     Entries  
EDUD 7010 Advanced Applications of Qualitative Methods Tam, Vicky C W 35
EDUC 7510 Child and Adolescent Development Tam, Vicky C W 27
EDUM 7480 Classroom Management and Communication (Primary School Focus) Chee, Wai Chi 15
PSYC 3007 Cognitive Psychology Lui, Ming 1
EDUC 2006 / EDUC 7360 / EDUM 7490 / EDUM 7510 Curriculum, Assessment and Learning / Curriculum and Assessment / Curriculum and Assessment (Primary School Focus) / Curriculum and Assessment (Secondary School Focus) Lee, Tsz Ngong; Sivan, Atara; Tang, Kit Yi; Yeung, Shirley W S 34
EDUC 7280 Education Foundations Choi, Tat Heung 53
EDUD 7110 Education System and Policy: A Comparative Perspective Poon, Anita Y K 1
EDUC 3007/ EDUC 7270 / EDUM 7400 Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs / Professional Teacher Development II / Managing Learning Diversity in Inclusive Education Settings Cheung, Wai Chun; Lui, Ming 39
EDUC 1005 Introduction to Educational Psychology Ku, Kelly Y L 1
EDUC 1026 Introduction to English Language Teaching (ELT) Choi, Tat Heung 19
EDUC 1016 Introduction to Sociology of Education Choi, Tat Heung 41
TRA 1005 Introduction to Translation Tsui, Cynthia Sau Kuen 6
EDUD 7090 Language Policy in the Global Age Poon, Anita Y K 1
EDUC 7750 Leadership and Team Building in Schools Chee, Wai Chi 26
EDUC 7670 Lexis, Morphology and Semantics Lai, Kwok Hung 7
EDUC 7050 Philosophical Foundations of Education Cheung, Wai Chun 2
PSYC 1005 Principles of Psychology Ho, Sai Kin 1
EDUC 7520 Research Methods in Education Chan, Edmund S S 3
EDUC 7040 (FT/ 2+3) Social Foundations of Education Choi, Tat Heung 53
PSYC 2016 Social Psychology Ho, Sai Kin 2
EDUC 7530 Sociocultural Context of Human Develop Sivan, Atara; Tam, Vicky C W 16
EDUC 7391 Subject Teaching I Lai, Kwok Hung; Poon, Anita Y K 87
EDUC 1027 Teaching of Grammar and Vocabulary Lai, Kwok Hung 6
EDUC 2025 Teaching of Listening and Speaking Choi, Tat Heung 20
EDUC 7690 Written and Spoken Discourse Choi, Tat Heung 14